Furniture and Clothes:

  • Whenever possible, disassemble furniture and wrap table legs in packing material
  • Stack lightweight chairs seat-to-seat or upside down on other furniture
  • Place a pallet or plastic sheet on the floor and stand sofas on end
  • Place a light dust cover over your furniture
  • Use wardrobe boxes to safely store hanging clothes

Files, Records, and Other Documents:

  • Be sure to pack your files and documents in smaller boxes for easier lifting
  • Pack books flat to protect their spines
  • Use packing material to fill any empty pockets in the boxes
  • Label all boxes on several sides with the list of contents

Computer and Electrical Equipment:

  • Make sure your equipment is clean and dry before it is stored
  • Electronic equipment is best put in plastic bagging before storage to keep out dust.
  • Any equipment with sealing doors, such as refrigerators, should be stored with their doors slightly ajar


  • Use dish-pack or glassware boxes for greater protection
  • Place a layer of packing inside the bottom and at the top of boxes containing fragile items
  • Wrap each item with protective wrap or foam
  • Stack dishes on their side and glassware upright
  • Pack paper into all open spaces to ensure a tight fit
  • Label all boxes containing delicate items “FRAGILE.”